Whether you need to extend and convert an existing cellar space or if you need complete basement construction, Power2Build can help you through the complete process from concept through to completion.

While loft spaces tend to be used as extra bedrooms, a basement is located near the main living areas and, as such, can be used more creatively; perhaps as a kitchen or as an extension to the living space.  Alternatively, a basement could be converted into an additional self-contained house or flat, thus creating a much higher return on investment for your property.

When converting your basement into a habitable area, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.  Power2Build has 20 years’ experience in converting basements and hence the potential problems that can occur.  Typical issues that Power2Build’s team can help you overcome are: planning permission; building regulations; plumbing, waterproofing and drainage (especially in areas where the water table is high); as well as ventilation and access.

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