Choosing and fitting the right flooring for your home can depend on your personal taste, the usage of each room and your budget. Get the flooring right and you can transform the look and feel of a room overnight.

The range of flooring options can often be overwhelming but at Power2Build we can help you navigate the maze of choices and help you decide on the best fit for each room’s usage. Is it a heavy traffic area or is it mainly used by children and pets? Is it a room where water is used and therefore may require water proofing? Is it room with heavy sunlight that may affect the vibrancy of flooring colours?

Whether you are looking for warmth and comfort or sleek and stylish we can help you source the best quality flooring to fit your budget and tastes. We source carpets, laminate, vinyl and tiles. We ensure that we only buy exactly the required quantity for each room (no off-cuts sitting in the garage) and that your choice of flooring is fitted to the highest quality standards, by accredited and approval professionals.

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