A roof has to be the most important part of the house and ensuring you roof is sealed and weather-proofed is critical to the well-being of your home.

However, fixing it or replacing it can be a major undertaking. At Power2Build we have many years’ experience in the roofing sector whether that be fixing leaks, replacing guttering or re-pointing, through to the complete replacement of roof structures. We have worked on a vast range of commercial and domestic properties, providing us experience of all roof types on the spectrum of flat through to pitched. What have we learned? When it comes to roof repairs, the best advice is prevention is better than cure. Don’t wait for evidence of dripping water: immediate repairs coupled with regular checks could potentially save you the many tens of thousands it could cost you to replace your roof.

Our services include:

The replacement and repair of tiled roofs including colour-matching any non-standard tiles.
Building safe and solid scaffolding allowing us easy access to the affected areas.
Repairing chimneys, and the dismantling, construction and repair of any pointing.
Installing skylight windows into flat roofs and Velux windows into tiled and/or slanted roofs.
Repairing and replacing, if necessary, gutters and drainage pipes.
All leading and sealing work.
Replacing flat roofs and the repair of inclines.
If required, we work under Building Control supervision and we can supply construction approvals on request.

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