Adding space and value with a loft conversion


It can be a dilemma if you love where you live but need extra space. Moving house is

expensive but that extra bit of square footage can make a big difference to everyday life;

which is why a loft conversion could be the answer.

A loft conversion doesn’t just add space; it could add as much as 22% onto the value of your

home. But knowing how to kick start a loft conversion project can be daunting, so here are

some tips for getting it right:

  • Check the ceiling price of your home – this is your property’s maximum value so

look at what other houses in your area have sold for. A reasonably sized loft

conversion costs around £40,000 to £50,000 but a simpler conversion will be

reflected in the price.

  • Can your loft be converted? Think about whether your loft can be converted in the

first place. An easy way to check is to make sure you’ve got enough head height. As

a guide, you’ll need a minimum 2.2m of clearance to make it worthwhile.

  • Check planning permission – many loft conversions will fall under ‘Permitted

Development’ (PD for short). This means you won’t need planning permission as

long as the work doesn’t increase the size of your roof space by more than 50m 3

(40m 3 for terraced houses. For peace of mind, apply for a ‘Lawful Development

Certificate’ (LDC) which confirms that you don’t need planning permission.

  • Are you in a designated area? If your home is in a designated area, such as a

conservation area, you could find your PD rights are limited so always check with

your local planning office.

  •  Cost effective conversions – the simplest and most cost effective conversion is one

where you turn your roof space into a room. It’s also the least disruptive way of

conversion and means no need for alterations to your roofline.

  • Consider insulation – good insulation means you’ll get the most of your conversion

so it can be used all year round. If you’re intending to use the room for a specific

purpose – such as a music room, or art studio then you’ll have to make sure the

sound proofing and light is adequate.

Of course, the best way to make the most of your loft space and your budget is to consult a

professional. At Power2Build, we offer a complete service – from the design, project

management, right through to the delivery of your new conversion. So why not unlock the

value and space in your home and call us on 0800 434 6668 / 0208 452 1187 or make an

enquiry for a free, no obligation quote?