Is your garage currently just an under-used storage area? If so, converting it could both increase your living space as well as adding value to your home.

In addition, a garage conversion can be completed with a minimum of disruption to your property. If you need an extra bedroom, reception room or perhaps an office space away from the noise of the main house, converting your garage could be the preferred solution to moving home, especially in today’s volatile property market.

Garage conversions can take many forms; whether that be the creation of a contemporary living space in your existing garage or extending your one-storey garage upwards to create a second level. Also, you could consider part-converting a double garage so you still retain valuable storage space for your car or garden equipment. Although converting a garage yourself may sound tempting, getting expert help and advice is always recommended in order to ensure that the area is correctly insulated, doors and windows are placed correctly and that heating and electrics are placed correctly. In addition, an expert can help you with gaining consent from neighbours or your local authority planning department as well as ensuring that your works meet all existing building regulations.

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