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At Power2Build, professional North London builders, we understand that the kitchen is the heart of a home, often used for more than just cooking for the family. It’s the location where the magic happens, where bellies are filled, and where stories are both created and then regaled. As such, as understand that many people want to carry out professional kitchen extensions. If you would like to have more space to have those memorable moments take place, then we can help you make that possible today.

By looking at your kitchen extension requirements, we can create the perfect plan for making sure you can have the kind of kitchen that you dreamt of. This is the perfect way of making sure that your property will have the right chance for growth, improvement and development as time goes on. We take the importance of having a quality, safe and healthy kitchen very seriously. As such, our hand-picked team of kitchen extensions specialists work with you to deliver a finish that is not only artistically impressive, but structurally outstanding.

Whether you prefer a sleek contemporary design or a more traditional country style, we can create a kitchen through an extension that is tailored to your budget, tastes and lifestyle needs as well as fitting in with the age and character of your home.

We can deal with just about any request that you may have when it comes to the use of kitchens and extensions. By fully understanding the challenges of having such a kitchen in place, we make sure that your property is going to increase in value as well as in style. By having a more specific area to sit with everyone, too, you create a location that allows for food to be made, served and enjoyed all in one, large location.

This is the kind of kitchen extensions in London that inspires excitement and engagement within all. Seen a design or a style that made you want to get the planning done yourself? Fancy something new and impressive? Then come and speak to us about it.

We can help you find the right step forward regarding the right kind of design.

Whether you need to improve your kitchen in preparation for selling your home or just to create a better living space for you and your family, Power2Build will provide a complete extension service from start to finish and are experienced at building kitchen extensions tailored for your dreams. We source the range of experienced and accredited contractors required to provide the best quality finish, from design and appliance purchase through to fitting, plumbing, electrics, flooring, tiling and decorating.

We ensure that our team of people will complete kitchen extension job on time, within your set budget and with the minimum of fuss and disruption, while also ensuring that the building work complies with the current legislation and the appliances installed are environmentally-sound.

Interested in kitchen extensions that live up to the name? Then contact us today for a consultation.

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