Unwanted noise in your home can be a major issue. Noise can come in a variety of forms; ranging from noisy neighbours or rowdy children through to car or other traffic outside your house.

Being able to hear speech, movement or music throughout your property could drastically affect your day-to-day life, destroy the ambience of your home, as well as possibly affect the relationship with your neighbours! Alternatively, it could be you who is making the noise, perhaps via a workshop or a music studio on your property? A soundproof room means you can be as loud as you want without disturbing anyone. If noise pollution is getting to disturbing levels or if you want to be able to make noise without the fear of complaint, then you should consider soundproofing your home. Power2Build’s acoustic insulation services can reduce the travel of sound through your walls, ceilings or floors. The type of soundproofing we install depends on the type of noise that is affecting your property; whether that be airborne (speech, music) or vibration (impact) noise. The latter tends to travel through the structure of buildings and typically takes the form of people walking around or furniture being moved. Wall insulation – this could be required if you are hearing noise (music, television, radio) through your walls. This particularly affects older properties built with party walls.

Ceiling insulation – this may be needed, particularly a in a flat when you can experience airborne or especially vibration noise.
Flooring insulation – again, this tends to installed in flats where the noise from your walking around impacts your neighbours downstairs
Music studio – perhaps you are considering converting a garage, outbuilding or loft into a music studio? In this case one of your main concerns is to minimise sound pollution externally.

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